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wick's 61 dodge gasser

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If there is a moral to this particular hot rod story, it would be this: Be careful who you call a friend, because sometimes they can influence you in strange ways. Our story begins with a guy named Andy “Wick” Wickenheisser. Andy was minding his own business, driving home one day, when he happened to pass the Hot Rod farm of Rich Conklin in Montville, New Jersey. Rich had a car on the lawn for sale that Andy couldn’t stop thinking about. Andy says It looked like a Nomad, but it was a Dodge and, within 15 minutes of the first sighting, Andy went back to talk to his friend Rich.

 “Rich”, Andy remembers saying, “I don’t know what that is on your front lawn, and I don’t know how much you want for it, but put it out back, it’s sold!”  The car was a 1961 Dodge Pioneer wagon. Andy wonders what Dodge was thinking when they made a car with an automatic, but no PARK, just a drum brake on the driveshaft, factory louvers on the hood and fins that go forward on the rear quarter panel. He admits that the car is just so ugly, it’s cool.

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